“My First 4th!”

Last Christmas, my thoughtful husband, Stephen, gave me a Silhouette. I didn’t even know it existed until I owned it, but it’s turned out to be a wonderful gift! At first, I used it to make birthday cards and such, but just this week I got the interfacing I needed to cut fabric with it. Get ready, the most exciting onesie project is about to begin : )

So with the Fourth of July around the corner, some plain white onesies from my mom, and some old clothes of ours – I got inspired! It was time to make Abbie’s first holiday-centered outfit. The work to design it was very simple. I only had to create two rectangles and select a font for the words. Here’s a screenshot of my work in the Silhouette program.

And the lovely fabric and interfacing, before I put it all together.

First, I just ironed the interfacing (about an inch larger than the final shape I wanted) to the fabric for 2 – 3 seconds. Then, I cut the pieces out.

Next, I sent the pieces through my Silhouette with the simple design I created (as shown above). Afterwards, I pulled out the pieces it had cut for me and laid them out on her little onesie.

Time to iron them in place for about 8 seconds!

I sewed the flag on with the machine and the letters on by hand.

Happy Fourth! Check back Monday for a picture of Abbie in it!