Reminder Frame

This is my first project made possible by my recent trip to Ikea. This simple, yet lovely white frame is the start of my soon to be go-to board in the kitchen. It will be where I jot down items as we run out of them, or perhaps something I need to remember to do that day or the next.

The first step was to decide what color background I’d like to have.  Green, orange, and yellow were in the fight, but green won in the end ; )

And insert paper into frame, check.

Enter, my Silhouette. This time I am cutting vinyl for the first time! I used the program to write out “remember:” and chose a flourish as well. I followed the recommended settings that came with the vinyl to prepare the Silhouette for the new material it was about to cut. Those settings included choosing the blue capped blade, a speed between 3-10, and a thickness between 10-14.

The next step was to load the vinyl and then click “Send to Silhouette.”

Once cut, the extra vinyl needed to be removed and discarded.

Next, I pressed my two pieces on to transfer paper.

And cut them out…

Then I removed the backing from the vinyl, revealing it’s sticky side. The sticky side went face down and I pressed the designs in place. I removed the transfer paper only once the vinyl pieces were secure.

Almost done, but this project could not be complete until I dressed up the frame a bit.