Counter Canisters

Somebody stop me. I could really label everything in our house : ) Especially with Abbie, and thinking ahead to all the new words she’ll be learning in these coming years…I could easily rationalize away labeling so many more things ; )

This weekend, my counter canisters got an upgrade! I created their labels in my Silhouette Studio. I used one of the generic brackets from the initial library that is given when you purchase your Silhouette. I used French Script MT for the words in cursive and Copperplate Gothic Bold for the words in all caps. Each label is 2 inches by 3 inches.

Once I was done creating my labels, I sent them to the Silhouette to be cut! …but it actually ended up being a bit more complicated than that. I figured my letters in French Script MT were intricate enough, that a Double Cut (an option that may be checked on the Silhouette Cut Settings screen on the right-hand side) was a wise choice. It was not. The Double Cut actually over did it, and some of the smaller pieces were picked up and moved around as the cutting job was being finished. So the second try – with no Double Cutting selected – worked like a charm! I also followed the Recommended Settings that come with the vinyl: the blue capped blade, a speed between 3 and 10, and a thickness between 10 and 14.

And here are my jars before their upgrade:

Once cut, I peeled away the vinyl that was not a part of my labels.

Here they are!

Next I placed and pressed the transfer paper on top of the labels.

Oh yes, I made one additional label. This one is for my jar I go to when a recipe calls for a pinch of salt : ) Below is the silly mistake I’m prone to make during this process. I almost took off the transfer paper, instead of the backing of the vinyl!

No worries! I just repressed the transfer paper and proceeded to pull off the vinyl’s backing.

Here’s my completed salt jar!

Once I’d conquered my little jar, it was time to move on to the set of 4 jars, with more intricate labels : ) Below, I am pulling off the correct side from the all-purpose flour label ; )

And then I placed and pressed the label on the jar.

And removed the transfer paper!

Seeing as how Stephen’s the only one in our family who drinks coffee, the label below worked out nicely!

Here they all are. I love how easy this was and what a big change it made to how our counters look!