Tablet Sleeve

Just a couple weeks ago we got a tablet. This past Friday we were leaving to go out of town for the weekend, to Stephen’s parents’ home. That morning, Stephen brought to my attention that we needed something to protect our tablet during our trip. I turned to Etsy for inspiration. (Love this website, explore it if you haven’t discovered it yet!)  By searching for “Ipad cover” you can see the many bags that inspired me.

I took no pictures in the process of creating this sleeve since I was working with a time limit. I just flew by the seat of my pants, using the tablet itself to serve as my “pattern.” I just made a long piece that wrapped length-ways around the tablet and then whip stitched it up the sides. Probably there’s an easier way to do that, but I didn’t have time to figure it out and didn’t have a foot on my sewing machine that could conquer 6 and 8 layers of fabric(/batting). The elastic strip that holds the sleeve closed with the button is part of an old, too small head band! I had to use what I had on hand that day.

Yes, that’s the same bird that’s on my 9×13 inch glass dish from my glass etching post ( : And I even had some soft, fuzzy fabric for the inside of the cover! Praise God for providing all these things – that I had them on hand that very day – and for providing enough napping-baby-time for me to work during!