Button Flower

A world of fabric flower tutorials is spread across the web, and I finally got around to making my first one! This flower is me just following the tutorial at this great blog. I have a board on Pinterest to bookmark some of my favorites that I want to make someday. There are so many to choose from.

You can tell by the ever-changing background surfaces in this post that I made this flower over the course of the weekend, some at Stephen’s parent’s, some in the car, some at home : )

You start by cutting out a circle of fabric. (I added a little tab of fabric so that I’d be able to slip a Bobbie pin in the back of the flower when I wanted – this way I can wear it in my hair or on my shirt with a safety pin.) Simply run a stitch around the outer edge of the circle, turning 1/4 inch of it in as you go.

Once that is finished, don’t cut or tie the thread. Instead, pull the thread and scrunch up the outer edge of the flower.

Then sew a button in the middle and you’re done! Here it is on my new shoes (thanks husband!).

And on some of our mums out front:

God makes flowers much better! Praise the Lord : )