7 Months Old

Our Baby Girl is 7 months old, as of a couple days ago! She is growing and growing each day. Abbie has tried so many new foods this past month: bananas, avocados, squash, and carrots come to mind. Banana and avocado mixed together seemed to be a favorite. The first time she ate carrots she made a face and squeezed her eyes shut tight after each bite! But now she’s just fine with them : ) Another fun, meal-time fact is that she likes to tap her right foot while eating! We’re just so in love with her. A final memory from this past month was her discovery of her tongue…part of that included sticking it out to taste the wind, whenever we were outside!

Thanks for this blanket Lillian! She loves playing with it ( :

PS: Abbie turned 7 months old on the same day our marriage turned a year and a half! It’s crazy to realize we’ve been married that long – Praise God!