Grilled Veggie Pasta

Now before this dish, I was definitely sceptical of any pasta sauces that weren’t marinara, cheese, or pesto. But after this one, which I LOVED, I have now added aglio e olio (garlic and oil) sauces to my approved list ; )

Stephen made the next veggie meal we tried. Inspired by this pasta, he gave it his own twist… Stephen grilled the onion, zucchini, and pepper – instead of roasting them. He omitted the tomatoes, altogether, but did add half a can of black beans.  He threw in a spice mix from my Mom (thanks Mom!) and some red pepper as well. And as you can see, we used veggie bow tie pasta.

Here’s the total cost:

1/2 a can black beans $0.29

WackyMac $0.19

Zucchini $0.62

Red Bell Pepper $0.75

Onion $0.31

Garlic (3 cloves) $0.10

Feta $0.67

Olive Oil $0.25

Freebies: Salt, Pepper, Spices

Total: $3.17 (for four servings!)