Thanksgiving Outfit

I made Abbie a Thanksgiving outfit this year!

Take one old shirt of mine:

and one old shirt of Stephen’s:

Then I just ironed the fabric interfacing to the backs of pieces the size I needed.

The picture below shows how the fabric sticks to my mat when my Silhouette is cutting it. This sticky-goodness is also how my cut out turkey will stick to Abbie’s onesie (when ironed) and make it easy to sew on with the machine. (Yay, no pinning!)

Once the Silhouette and sewing machine did their work, the outfit was ready for Abbie’s first Thanksgiving! I also made her some matching pants with brown cuffs at the ankle that had once been my old shirt’s sleeves : )

[photo cred: Nana]

I love how this outfit looked so good on Abbie. Stephen’s old shirt was bought probably in part because it looked well with his complexion. When I used it to dress Abbie up, and seeing as how she’s got Daddy’s complexion, it was perfect!