Broccoli, Cabbage, & Collards

Coming home from Thanksgiving, we brought back with us fall veggies from my father-in-law’s garden.

First, some broccoli:

How pretty is broccoli!? I want to see it once it’s overripe and flowered…

We’re gonna be trying this recipe tomorrow night, with the last of the broccoli we brought back. And fyi, these tender stems tasted like green carrots when we ate them raw : ) it was surprisingly good!

Then, some cabbage:

Which is also pretty and already looks like a flower : ) We made that into some coleslaw.

And finally, the collards:

It takes a couple bags full of leaves to make a mess of collard greens. They sure do shrink down a lot when cooked. Stephen made these with chicken stock, bacon, vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and onions.

Once brought to a boil, we let these simmer for over and hour until they become tender enough to eat : )

We made and blended a smaller mess of them (without all the extra flavor) for Abbie. And she actually seemed to take to them pretty well! A little girl after her father’s own heart ; )

Collards aren’t the cutest colored baby food to have spread all over one’s face, but I think Abbie rocked them ; )