Nursery Wall

Well this is one project that took a little longer than intended. As I was preparing the nursery and all things baby in our house, before Abbie arrived, I comforted myself with the thought – “it doesn’t have to be perfect before she’s born; Abbie won’t know the difference if such and such isn’t up til she’s a couple months old.” But in hindsight, there is so much more time before a baby is born to work on such things than after : ) This was one of the first projects I envisioned after Stephen gave me my Silhouette. 

Once again, I just designed my project on the computer, cut the vinyl out with my Silhouette, and used transfer paper to apply it to the wall.

Here is our plain green wall between the door and the closet before I dressed it up with my vinyl creation:

Apply the shapes with transfer paper:

And all pictures look cuter with a baby in them – especially Abbie ; ) 

I love that picture because it captures Abbie’s never-ending Quest for her Thumb…and also her fascination with her hands that is one of the most adorable things to behold.

And here’s the wall above the crib:

Apply with transfer paper, and then remove:

[Psalm 97:4a] He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge…

That verse is so encouraging and reassuring! It is a joy to read it again and again now that it’s up on the wall. We can find refuge with the Lord. What a good and gracious Father He is to us. It is our prayer that Abbie will know and love the Lord! And on a separate note, this verse keeps with the bird theme of Abbie’s nursery : )

Also, I couldn’t help but monogram Abbie’s crib! Let’s see how long those letters will stay up : ) She hasn’t discovered them yet!

Hey beautiful!

Peek-a-boo : )

We love you Abbie : )