8 Months Old

Our blue-eyed babe turned 8 months old late last week.  The biggest physical change that came in this last month was that Abbie started sitting up! Over a week or less Abbie went from teetering as she struggled to master sitting up unsupported, to grasping the concept more or less “perfectly” : ) Her speed with this happily surprised us. And this comes just in time to open Christmas presents – sitting up will help her with that a lot!

We love you Abbie, so much. It is a daily joy to watch you grow and discover new things in the world around you…like your hands, and gravity (you started dropping toys for the “fun” ; ) of it this past month), and new sounds (thanks Aunt Carolyn for Sophie the Giraffe), and the cold weather (it’s taking forever to get cold this year, so for a good while, your whole life has been quite summery!).

ps- as of yesterday (12/19/11) Daddy seems to have successfully taught Abbie how to clap! : ) precious.