Welcome, Christmas. I can’t believe you’re less than a week away! So many presents still to wrap and so much candy still to make : )  Last year you taught me how to make my first wreath (thanks parents-in-law!). This year you’re extra special, as I am once again seeing you through a child’s eyes.

But every year, Christmas, I love when you come around. Not only because you saturate my senses with the scent of evergreens, twinkling lights on trees and houses, the smell of good things coming from the kitchen, and the beautiful music heard all day long – but mostly I love when you come by because it is a season of celebrating the Incarnation of my God! (Thanks to Dr. Andy Davis for teaching this to us on Sunday.)

Dear Lord, thank you for sending your Son into the world. To be born to die. To die for my sins so that I may be made right before you and adopted into your family. Merry Christmas indeed!