Picture Frame Tray

This was one of those projects that you buy all the pieces for, planning something else entirely, but somehow it clicks and you realize they work much better another way…This frame was bought to hold this project. And the fabric was meant to be mod podged over the ornaments I had. But then I changed my mind : )

Enter: an old frame from Goodwill

I chose this frame because it had a “depth” to it, which in turn worked out perfectly as a tray! I just spray painted that gold away and slipped a piece of my fabric under the glass. I also have a piece of fabric hot glued to the back of the frame, to keep from scratching my table.

Currently dressed up for Christmas!

I’m excited to have another place in my house where the decorations can be easily switched around with each passing season and holiday.

I love how easy this was and yet what a big difference it makes : )

This is the first of two or three projects that I’m working on – using just one yard of fabric to give our living room a new look!