Window Frame

Once upon a time, there was a wonderful basement filled with all sorts of treasures…my grandparents’ basement : ) My sister and I loved playing down there when we were growing up. So many boxes to open and things to explore. I still feel like I’m on a treasure hunt when I head down there as an adult…though now I find treasures in things I would have just passed by years ago.

I found this lovely old window frame down there late this summer! Grandpa cleaned it off and sent it home with me. I got some paint to match our trim and gave it a fresh coat.

I was inspired by this great project from one of my most favorite blogs, the House of Smiths. That’s where I got the idea for chicken wire, which my dad happened to have on hand! Stephen’s dad had a staple gun, which he used to attach the chicken wire to the frame for me. He also added the wire (seen in the picture below) that was needed to the hang the frame on the wall.

Then I used the staple gun to attach fabric to the back of the chicken wire and frame. (This is the same fabric used in my picture frame tray.)

I spray painted some small clothes pins gray to hold pictures / birthday cards / Christmas cards to the wire.

Here’s a close up of the wire against the fabric:

I love this! It makes displaying cards simple and easy. And I can change out everything as often as needed.