9 Months Old

Abbie is nine months old! She’s been out as long as she’s been in ; ) I’ve waited a long time to be able to say that! Well we’ve had a busy, growing, changing month just come to a close. This month Abbie started to sit up on her own! At first, I noticed her starting to piece together how to move from a crawling position to a sitting position. But then baby girl surprised me, and one day I came in after her nap and Abbie was sitting straight up, waiting for me! To leave your baby girl horizontal and return to her in a vertical position for the first time kinda blows your mind. Let’s just be honest. Now I find her sitting up at the end of most naps; it’s like she’s decided, “it’s time to get up!”

The second most exciting thing of the month is that Abbie’s just begun is to say “Momma momma momma!” She hasn’t associated that word with me yet, but to hear it from her little lips melts my heart! And let me tell you, I come running to her side so much faster when she cries out “Momma!” How could I not!? A funny side to the learning process of this new “word” is hearing Stephen as he is working on teaching her “Dada.” The two of them will be talking and it will go something like this:
Stephen: Dada, dada, dada
Abbie: Momma!

: )


Our little girl is rolling over like crazy these days. She’s not mastered crawling yet, but can be across the room as soon as you turn your back, just by rolling around. She still loves screaming loudly, so loudly. We have conversations in screams : ) Abbie also still loves laying on her back and kicking hard, be it a pillow, the floor, the wall, the door, etc. She has discovered, this past month, the spring behind the inside doors that keeps the door knob from hitting the wall, and loves playing with it. And even still, as she has her whole life, Abbie prefers having her arms spread way out when being carried : ) To catch the breeze, pretend she’s a bird? I don’t know, but it is adorable. On a sadder note, it does seem like Abbie’s starting to notice that we are leaving her when we drop her off in Sunday school…separation anxiety beginning?

We adore you, precious baby girl.


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