Pillow Case

Here’s part three to my 1-Yard-Living-Room-Touch-Up. Part one used the first third of my yard in the picture frame tray and part two used the fabric in the chicken wire window frame. I have a few scraps left, we’ll see if they become anything : )

Part three of our 1-Yard adventure takes the form of a pillow case! I used the green fabric for the body of the case and two shades of gray fabric for ruffles. I followed this tutorial to make the ruffles. You simply sew a straight line down the middle of the strip you intend to ruffle – but here’s the important part, have your sewing machine set for the longest stitch it is able to sew. Once that’s done, you grab just one of the two strings hanging off the end of the strip, and pull! It’s magic.

Then you return your machine to the setting where it sews stitches of a normal length and sew right back down the middle of the ruffles to attach them to the pillow’s front piece. With that complete, cut off the parts of the ruffles that are hanging over the edge of the fabric.

I didn’t have enough fabric to have a solid piece on the backside of the pillow. I instead cut two smaller rectangles that together would cover the back. This actually worked out for the best, as the two pieces could overlap – turning the case into a giant pocket for the pillow to go inside. The two ends of the rectangles that would overlap had to be finished off, so I folded the edge over and sewed two lines on each one.

Then I faced the right sides together and sewed it up!

I’m so excited about this pillow. And making the ruffles was so fun and easy! I plan on making more pillows this way, perhaps for our bedroom.

Do you like it!?

I linked this post to Tatertots&Jello’s post on Decorating with Pre-Ruffled Fabric!


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