Valentine’s Day

So this post comes later than I had figured that it would, because my Valentine surprised me by taking off work halfway through the day : ) Needless to say, but I will, the day did not go as I had originally planned, but in fact much better : D I love you, Stephen!

And Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Let me take you on a tour of all things pink in our house : )

This is the fabric that I used in several projects:

My first project was a banner…

I think I’ve decided that my window frame should always have some sort of banner hanging across the top of it : )

Then I experimented with coffee filter flowers. I found a tutorial at Jones Design Company.

I tried soaking the filters in cups of watery paint.

But once I took them out, they were much fainter pink than I had imagined.

So I soaked them a second time, differently than the first: I soaked them (1) one at a time, (2) for seconds instead of minutes, (3) and used much less water than the first time around. It made a difference!

I used that same fabric from before and some coffee filter flowers to make a wreath for the garage door.

Okay, now ready for my favorite Valentine’s craft?! I was inspired by the shape of a POM Wonderful bottle. First step to this project, drink the delicious pomegranate juice : ) easy step to follow.

Empty bottle…good : ) So next I cut the bottle in half and used Styrofoam to fit a paint stirrer up in it.

Then, I made crate paper flowers and hot glued them to the bottle part.

I used a strip of crate paper a little longer than the length of my hand. The center of the flower was created by the folded over portion of the strip.  This was only a couple inches long.  The rest of the strip I cut into fringe. Then I just rolled it up!

I stuck the paint stirrers in Styrofoam to hold them in plastic cups I painted pink. Can you tell I was trying to make the whole project without having to buy a thing? ; )

POM Wonderful topiary!

So here are my Valentine’s Shelves:

Baby girl’s feet = heart

Hope you all had a beautiful, lovely day!

Linked to: Dear Lilly, Blue Cricket Design, Uncommon, TatertotsandJello


5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. WHAT IS THIS CUTENESS?! Well, not that I didn’t expect it 😛 Those topiaries are SO pretty and I love how creative you were in keeping them cheap! and I love the coffee filter flowers. WIN.

    I did have a beautiful, lovely day! If I blogged I would write about it, but alas I do not blog. But I’ll tell you that Chase took me apartment hunting and spontaneously out to sushi and then coffee and then he brought me a bunch of roses after that! So it also turned out to be a nicer day than I was expecting 🙂 God is so good!

    Love you!

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