10 Months Old & Valentine’s Day Outfit

Ten months old! Abbie has reached double digits ; )

Our beautiful baby girl : D She is such a blessing and a joy. This past month Abbie has started to crawl! It was the last week in January when she started to get the hang of it. It’s so different having a child that can move! I am learning new meanings to “don’t turn your back for a second” each day. Abbie can be across the floor in a minute now, especially if I leave the pantry door open – such an exciting and mysterious place to her!

Also, this month she’s started to get her 7th tooth! Such an overachiever ; )

I know Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but it’s never too late for a little girl to wear pink and hearts is it? : ) This month her holiday outfit and monthly photo shoot are one and the same.

I made the ruffles the same as I had on my pillow case  – although this time I sewed along the edge of the piece of fabric, instead of down the middle – and I used a blanket stitch to embroider the two biggest hearts. It was a new, fun stitch that I learned just for this outfit!

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