Melt my Momma{heart} Moment

Well this Momma’s heart was melted a couple mornings back. First though, you should know that one of the most precious times of day with Abbie is seeing her after she’s just woken up. Whether in the morning, or after a nap, she is most often so excited to see us again! It’s breathtaking.

So here it is: one morning earlier this week, Stephen got Abbie when she woke up and brought her into our bedroom. And the first thing she did, as he put her on the bed, was to start crawling toward me – as she said “Momma!” Oh my {heart}!! Lot’s of snuggling and cuddling proceeded to follow : ) of course.

Now I’m not saying this is her first word, as she hasn’t said it since, but at least it is the beginning of her putting the pieces together! She didn’t say it over and over like she normally does, and she did say it when she first saw me that morning, so who knows : )


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