11 Months Old

11 Months Old!

Our darling baby girl is so big, we can’t get over it. To think, she’ll be a year in less than a month!

This past month brought lots of new food (and her 8th tooth)! Abbie’s now had chocolate and vanilla. Her first meat was Italian sausage (I know, I know, spicy. But she loved it in the pasta casserole we had! Just like Daddy in yet another way : ) ) Abbie’s been having blueberry waffles as part of her breakfast/snack as of late. And she loves macaroni and cheese!

In other news, Abbie has “learned how” to swing this past month! This currently just includes sitting still and getting pushed ; ) So with the weather warming up, we can often be found at the park these days. Another place that’s on it’s way to becoming a favorite is the Museum of Life & Science (thanks Grace!). It’s great now, but it’s only gonna get more and more fun for Abbie as she gets a little older. They have a butterfly house, black bears, red wolves, lemurs, a farmyard (with donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs, ducks, cows, rabbits), a train, boats to steer, a dinosaur trail, a huge outdoor play yard, playrooms for all ages, and all the usual science museum-y things!

Fun Fact: It’ll take Abbie a whole extra day to reach 1 year old than 75% of the world…seeing as how her first year was a leap year!

My 2 red heads ( :

Can you tell Daddy does a much better job getting Abbie’s attention and getting her to smile? But that’s just a way that she’s like me – Daddy got my attention 6 years ago and also easily makes me smile ; )

And this technically falls in next month’s post, but yesterday Abbie pulled herself up for the first time!

Look at those precious tiptoes she’s standing on! One sock on and one sock off, typical Abbie ; ) She’s getting so much stronger. Abbie even climbed in to her car seat today (while it was sitting on the floor and with Momma’s hands hovering inches above her)! Curious little girl : )


2 thoughts on “11 Months Old

  1. I love these monthly posts! It’s so easy to see her growing from month to month! 🙂 And I’m glad her daddy and her mommy were included in some pictures too! SO so sweet.

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