I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend! He is Risen! Death has lost its sting. Our God is Alive!

This was my favorite song this Easter: See What a Morning. If you don’t already know it (or even if you do ; ) ), then I hope you to take the time to click that link – it is so very joyful and encouraging!

We started our long weekend with a delightful lunch. Stephen took me and Abbie out for a day date! We love Bahama Breeze : D The first time Abbie went there she was still being carried around in her car seat – now she’s big enough for their highchairs!

My 2 red heads : ) they are so very much alike, in mannerisms, preferences, habits, and of course hair color!

O heyyyy Easter picture : ) you know, this was Abbie’s second Easter. Yes, two Easters before the age of one! So not only will it take her one extra day than 75% of the world to reach her first birthday (thanks leap year) but she also got 2 Easters in her first year! How fun…

{thanks, Laura, for being our family photographer so many times!}

Baby Girl on Easter morning in the Rose Garden at church. {thanks for the headband, Wendy!}

Well dear friends, know that my mini, unplanned break from blogging is coming to an end with this post. I have been crafting so very many things these past weeks and will have quite a few projects and pretty pictures to share with you these coming days! Stay tuned : )


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