Second Edition: Counter Canisters

Recently I’ve been asked to do a couple projects for some sweet friends : ) such an honor. The first project that I’ll share may look familiar, if you’ve been reading along for a while.

My since-I-can-remember-friend, Debbie, was given the same type of jars that I’d labeled for our kitchen, by a friend of her’s.  {This friend got married around the same time Stephen and I did – and I think we both received these through our registries. It’s funny how often that happens; Stephanie and I also had the very same dishes when we played around with glass etching together!}

Debbie, Carolyn {my sister}, Laura {Debbie’s sister}, et moi ; )

{photo cred: kd photography}

Debbie’s new jars:

And my old ones:

Don’t they look good together!?


Sugar and spice and everything nice…

Hope you like them, dear friend!

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