Baby Shower Invitations

Before I begin all things birthday and to finish up my pair of posts about recent projects I’ve done for friends, I’ve got some baby shower invites to share! No lies here, I was completely copying these adorable invitations from one of my favorite blogs: Jones Design Company. Her name is also Emily : ) and she loves the Lord too and has fabulous style.

The font I used for “Katie and Baby Boy” is Janda Apple Cobbler.

The font I used for the rest of the invitation is Throw My Hands Up in the Air.

Above: the names have been smudged to protect the innocent ; )

And what’s that clearance sticker about? That was my thrifty thinking at work, yep. I searched far and wide {okay, at the craft store and Target} to find fun colored envelopes, sold without the letters to go with them. No such luck that day. But I did find discounted envelopes and letters for less that I was expecting to pay for the envelopes! Score. And don’t you just love 2 layers of clearance stickers? It makes you feel doubly good about the money you saved ; )

Congrats Katie & Edwin! What a wonderful blessing the Lord has given to you. We are so very excited to meet your darling little boy! Praise the Lord  : D


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