Birthday Dress

To begin with, I should have probably named this post after its location. If you follow that link, you’ll know why that was not possible {can’t have that word on this site, unless we’re talking about how long they lasted in the NCAA tournament this year : ) }. But I knew that I’d want to share Abbie’s birthday dress, and these are the most perfect pictures for that! She was dressed in her party’s colors. And o my stars – these are the most beautiful pictures of Abbie! A million thanks to my new friend, Julie, for taking the time to shoot these! It was so hard to choose which one’s to share; she did an amazing job!

These were taken just four days before Abbie turned one.

Julie was brilliant to give Abbie a flower to hold…

…it helped keep her still : )

I. love. that. smile.

{Recognize my headband?}

With help, Abbie can now climb the stairs at home…these obviously weren’t carpeted, but she took them on like a rock star {rock star, get it? ; ) }.


Those eyes.

O no, not the quilt! No worries, none of the dirt stuck : )

Flowers: obviously meant to be picked…

And then shredded ; ) you can see several of the petals in her lap!

Already playing the “he loves me, he loves me not” game ; )

Thank you so very much, Julie! We adore every picture you took!!


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