Butterfly Birthday {Friends & Family}

Well our baby girl has turned one! We had two amazing photographers at her party, so prepare yourselves for many photo-heavy posts – including this one!

These first two photos were taken by Stephen’s brother, Andrew.

A perfect profile.

Look how sassy Abbie Grace already looks ; )

The following pictures were taken by the lovely Stephanie, a very creative & talented friend of mine.

Adorable. Both of them.

My birthday girl!

Talking with Nana.

Sitting with Dedaddy and Aunt Emily.

Cuddling with Memommy {and her fascinating camera}. {One exception: I took this photo.}

My sister, Carolyn, makes the best faces that often times are the unintended focus of the picture! {A certain wedding picture may come to mind…} Love her. {Also, this picture gives you a foretaste of the decorations I’ll be sharing with you soon!}

So many dear friends came to celebrate with us ( : here are some close ups of a few of them…

Beautiful Megan.

Megan and Laura.

Lovely Jesse.

The four of us: Abbie, me, Bugs, and Sarayu!

Sarayu with her dad, Subu.

What a cutie.

These baby girls were born a day apart ( :

Stay tuned for more! There are so many decoration pictures still to share…


2 thoughts on “Butterfly Birthday {Friends & Family}

  1. Adorable Abbie šŸ™‚ There’s something special about that picture of Abbie with her memommy, but I love them all!

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