Butterfly Birthday {Cake & Presents}

Well I teased you with “butterfly” in the title of my last post, so here finally you can start to see one of the butterflies I made for Abbie’s party!

A million thanks to my friend Laura (not Laura, another Laura) for all her cake advice! This cake could not have come out near as nice without her.

As Laura suggested, I used Wilton’s Buttercream Icing recipe – and loved it! {I used a butterfly-shaped cookie cutter when adding all the sugar pearls to the cake’s top. Also, after letting the aqua frosting harden a bit, I tapped a piece of paper across the cake to smooth it out.}

Excellent picture, Stephanie! {Yes, once again her and Andrew took most all of the pictures in this post!}

Abbie’s cake was chocolate and strawberry.

{Yes, I’m a picture repeater…}

Okay, cake time for Abbie! Here we are, starting out clean…inspecting the largest piece of food she’s ever been given.

Fun to play with.

And even more fun to eat!

Quite satisfactory.

O momma, that was so much cake.

Tomorrow it’ll be your turn, Sarayu!

And present time! Also known as, wrapping paper time : )

She played with that piece for a while.

Abbie LOVES her stuffed animals from her Uncle Andrew.

And what a darling skirt made by the lovely Stephanie who took most of these photos!

The perfect card from Memommy to her red-headed great-granddaughter.

Told you she played with that piece for a while! ; )

Linked to: Oopsey Daisy


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