Butterfly Birthday {Decorations}

I had so much fun brainstorming and creating all things butterfly for Abigail’s first birthday. So. much. fun. This was the first good-sized party I’ve thrown, after having been introduced to the world of crafting blogs {thanks husband} and pinterest {thanks Laura} : )

I tried not to buy too much for this party. My two biggest splurges were for the straws and the baker’s twine. But such good splurges ; ) I also bought pink and aqua acryllic paint {for about a dollar each}, pink and aqua paper {just a handful of sheets less than a dollar each}, pink and aqua food coloring, and pink and aqua fabric {each of those last four were a couple dollars each}. Then I just reused each of those elements in as many ways as I could!

Here I used the colored paper {butterflies cut out on my Silhouette} and paint {for the pendant flags}. I used the same fonts from the Baby Shower Invitations I’d just finished:

The font I used for “Abigail is Turning One!” is Janda Apple Cobbler.

The font I used for the rest of the invitation is Throw My Hands Up in the Air.

This wreath welcomed our guests as they arrived at the party. I’ll post a tutorial for that soon. {I used my paint to color the butterflies and my paper for the flags.}

And of course I had made Abbie’s dress for this party.

A Happy Birthday banner was strung up.

And on the flip side I had all of Abbie’s monthly photos from her first year! It was such a neat way to see how she had grown.

My window frame was dressed up, in birthday fashion. {Those coffee filter butterflies were everywhere.}

Stephanie {who once again, took most of the pictures in this post} had made these adorable shoes for Abbie a while back. As they perfectly matched the party, they had to get a spot of honor : )

A curtain of paper butterflies.

I painted old spaghetti jars, frappachino bottles, and tin cans for this line of goodness. And then, obviously, tied pieces of my fabric around each with baker’s twine.

Pendant flags. A necessity ; )

The cake.

Pink lemonade in Grandma’s old mason jars. What a wonderful Grandma I have.

Dyed coconut, buttercreme icing, and a chocolate cupcake. There was also a strawberry version that you can see in the background.

Lollipops for favors! Tutorial to follow soon.

Thank you’s!

It is so much fun being a mom ( : Praise be to God for giving me this baby girl to love on forever.

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4 thoughts on “Butterfly Birthday {Decorations}

  1. […] These grasses remind me of walks with my grandmother, when I was young. She would tell me how they used to use this straw to make brooms back in her day. And she’d show me how to gather it. Well, I didn’t make a broom, but I did use this straw to make a wreath to welcome our guests at Abbie’s birthday party! […]

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