Melt My Momma{heart} Moment

Things not to forget:

Yesterday Abbie said “bye-bye” for the first time, while waving good by to her daddy as he left for work! It was not repeated today, but it was quite a joyful moment to experience.

She’s also started saying “ba, ba, ba” as she chases her little red ball across the floor.

She’s getting more consistent at signing <more> back to me at meal time!

When I blow on her food to cool it off before giving it to her, she’s started to snatch up the pieces of food as quickly as I give them to her and eat them {nothing new there} – but then she’ll make the same blowing sound and smile at me, all proud of herself {unaware that she’s just eaten my whole reason for blowing!}. Darling!

For the past couple weeks she’s been holding the phone up to her ear as well! Get it Abbie.

And today she started saying something that sounded close to “hello” when she had my cell phone up to her ear!

This one is also her holding the phone, she just missed her ear a bit ; ) Abbie oftentimes holds things behind her head, then drops them down her back when she forgets she’s holding them. I’m in love. She really just looks like she’s modeling those fabulous PJs though, right?! {sorry for the blurriness; let’s just say it fits with the whole sleepy, PJ look}

Abbie had been practicing “teddy” yesterday, and today when we were reading a book with a teddy bear in it, she pointed to the bear and said {something close to}, “teddy!” O my stars, she’s brilliant : )


One thought on “Melt My Momma{heart} Moment

  1. HAHA I think she’s seen quite a lot of examples of how to hold a phone 🙂
    How wonderful for her progress yay!!

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