{Tutorial} Lollipops

Vanilla lollipops : )

Let’s not pretend that all crafts come out the way they’ve been dreamed up to be. This candy-making adventure is a great example of that ; ) Above, you see a cookie sheet full of powdered sugar. I had used a cookie cutter wrapped in plastic wrap to make the butterfly molds. I was gonna be making butterfly shaped lollipops – no problem! That was the plan at least…

*take care not to burn yourself on the liquid lollipop or cut yourself {especially on the strings of lollipop} once it hardens*

{1} boil 1c water

{2} stir in 2c sugar, 3/4c corn syrup, and 1T butter

{3} bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring often [7min]

{4} once boiling, wipe down the sides of the pan with a wet pastry brush and immediately stop stirring

{5} boil to 295F [45-50min]

{6} immediately remove from heat

{7} the directions for several recipes I read said to wait for 20min or until it stops boiling. next time I’m just gonna go at it immediately, as my liquid lollipop hardened so quickly.

{8} stir in 1T vanilla extract and food coloring

{9} drop spoonfuls on to parchment paper coated in cooking spray, on top of lollipop sticks [you can twist the sticks gently to be sure the whole stick gets covered]

{10} cool

[Adapted from “Green Apple Lollipops” on page 200 in my Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book]

…and that plan FAILED. Turns out, liquid lollipop is not quite as liquid as I had imagined it to be. And it cools fast.

Here you see my improvised plan. Cooking spray on parchment paper on hot pads. I had to get the rest of the liquid lollipop poured before it cooled!

Next time – all circles : )

It was a beautiful mess.

Ah, cellophane and bakers twine.

One butterfly kinda made it out!

A lollipop bouquet : ) together those words have a little whimsy, wouldn’t ya say?


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