2 Years

We’ve been married 2 years today! What a precious, good and gracious gift from our heavenly Father these years have been. This time two years ago we hadn’t seen each other all day…how strange the idea of that is to my ears now : )

I am beyond thankful to our Father to have you as my husband, dear lover.

You are thoughtful, loving, servant-hearted, patient, and a wonderful leader and provider.

And I’m so glad to call your family my own now too : ) and mine your’s. {I adore this picture! Because of everyone’s smiles, but mostly because of my dear sister-in-law in her grandpa’s jacket! Such love there.} {And yes, this picture is a testament to the fact that I went back and looked through almost all our wedding pictures again today – of course ; ) }

You really are the best father I could imagine to our sweet Abigail {this matching wasn’t planned, I promise it’s only my doing 51% of the time ; ) }.

I am still this excited to be your bride : ) no, actually, more excited now : D


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