Hymn Panels

Welcome to a new, summery version of town{homemade} I felt it was time for a change…

This project came to life because the words I chose to decorate with are the chorus of a hymn I sing to Abbie almost every time I lay her down to sleep. It is my prayer that she grows up to know, love, and treasure Christ above all. So I sing these words over her daily, as a prayer. And it encourages my soul to be reminded of the truth in these words as well! {The words were written by Helen Howarth Lemmel.}

Would you believe this project only cost me a dollar?! Well, that and and a few resources I already had on hand {my Silhouette, leftover wall paint, and the most important ingredient of all – help from my father-in-law ( : }.

I started with a few old floor boards from the local Habitat Resale Store. Then I got some great father-in-law help to saw them into 7 inch pieces {yes, I tried to cut them by hand first, but soon gladly accepted help. Boy, do power tools sure make a quick job of things ; ) }.

And then some more father-in-law help glueing them together {once again, my first attempts of hot gluing the boards together didn’t work out as planned…so we stepped it up and used fancier glue}.

Okay, now I’m ready to finish the job on my own! I painted the boards white, added vinyl letters I had designed and cut out with my Silhouette

…gave it a coat of turquoise…

And, ta da!

I’m ready to hang these up on the wall!

font: Old Newspaper Types

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9 thoughts on “Hymn Panels

  1. So much like is going on right now! And what a beautiful thing to sing every bedtime… 🙂 in which part of her room are you hanging them up?

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