Abbie’s words: 17 months

Abbie has started to speak so much these past couple months. I’d started making a list of all the words she says a while back…but posting it kept getting put off. So here it finally is, before it gets too long to remember & record all the words she knows : )

Night night { “nigh nigh” Which she says back to me, every night now!}

EIEIO {as in Old MacDonald had a farm… She says this whenever she sees a farm animal, or just any animal sometimes. This is one of her more common words.}

Tea {for a while she seemed to think any drink with a straw –how we would let her drink it- was tea. Just like her daddy, she loves tea. This is one of her more common words.}

More {used when asking for more food. And sometimes before she’s even had any, like a general word for food.}

Amen { “men” And she’ll even fold her hands sometimes!}

Bye {most often said to daddy as he’s leaving for work}

Hi {said to flags and spiders a lot, and also to strangers at the mall…and to us after naps!}

Daddy {says his name, asking for him all day long while he’s at work}

Mommy { “m meee” }

Boom {when she falls down}

Roar {when she’s chasing us and expects us to scream in fright and run from her}

Blah {what her dragon puppet from Baby Einstein says}

Two too {when singing a song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with me}

Bunny {her second favorite stuffed animal}

Bark {what the doggies on the bus say, from Baby Einstein}

Ruff ruff { “ffff ffff” what she says every single time she hears a dog bark outside our house or that we pass a dog by on the sidewalk/street}

Honk honk {accompanied by a sign, this is what trucks do}

Car {learned from Baby Einstein}

Ball {first word?}

Go {said at nearly every stoplight, whether it be red or green}

Stop {she does know this word, but much prefers “go” at stoplights ; )}

Head {touches her head every time she hears Head, shoulders, knees & toes}

Hair {pulls her hair to show us where it is}

Eyes {hasn’t said this yet, but will blink a lot to show us where they are}

Knee {a very most favorite word, learned at lunch time}

Yummy {“yumma yumma yumma” when she sees yummy food she wants}

Shoe {LOVES shoes, trying ours on & playing with her old ones. She points them out in stores a lot too.}

Sock {knows these go with shoes. She pronounces the “k” as a “g” though (she needs to devoice her velar stop – yay linguistics!)}

Feet {also said often in the context of socks & shoes}

Teddy {her lifeline}

Cracker {“coka”}

Pea/bean {don’t know if she’s yet distinguished these}

Cheerio {snack every morn}

Belly button {loves}

Book {a good reader ; )}

Spider {She loves these…trys to point them out to us all the time, whether they be there anymore or not. She remembers well where they’ve ever been found before.}

Moo {she sings Old MacDonald had a farm by singing EIEIO and moo back and forth}

Neigh {what horses say of course}

Baa {what a sheep says}

Silly {most often her or daddy ; )}

Milk {asks for first thing in the morn}

Flag {Loves these, calls them out every time we pass one with a delighted smile on her face}

Piggy {probably thought this was what toes were called at first from that nursery rhyme, now knows some favorite piggy puppets on Baby Einstein}

Pepper {daddy has taught her to love}

Kitty {“ki-ee, ki-ee, ki-ee” }

Tickle tickle { “tic-aa, tic-aa, tic-aa” }

Elmo { “Moe” LOVES him}

Wheee {when going fast or around corners}

Shake {will shake something}

Cold {often her drinks}

Balloon {She’s started calling out “balloo” as we pull up to Harris Teeter.}

Baby {when she sees a baby, or when she sees a photo of herself}

Hay {once again, thanks to Baby Einstein}


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