NC State Fair 2012

Welcome, fall! The month of October gets a close second {to December} for my favorite month of the year! So much to do, see and, eat…corn mazes, hay rides, pumpkin picking/carving/seed toasting/baking, mum planting, parades {okay, that was September}, dressing up for the Fall Fest at church, o – and the STATE FAIR!

Come along with us : ) We {first} went on Friday this year, the first full day of the fair. It was hardly crowded at all {especially that morning} and is typically one of the least crowded days.

Entering where we always do, by the horse complex, we soon came to the Old Grist Mill {where we of course returned between 12-6pm, when they are open and inviting people with free hush puppies {YUM}, to take the brief grist mill tour}.

Just up the path from the grist mill is the Village of Yesteryear! One of my all time favorite places to visit : ) Let’s walk through, shall we?!

Yes, please!

Growing up, this booth always had some of the most fun things to look at…he’s kinda the toy maker of the bunch. And I did take this picture because I saw baby girl’s name…but afterwards I realized her middle name was right there too – like it was planned ; )

Not the butcher, the baker, but the candlestick-maker! What a fun thing to learn one day…

Pardon the blur, but I just love this booth because {1} the couple is adorable and {2} the candles are just like what we used at my church’s Love Feast {Christmas Eve service} growing up.

Now on to the animals and produce, but let’s stop for some food along the way : ) Getting kettle corn from this stand is one of our traditions.

Third-generation bee-lover?! : D This must run in our family…

The Field of Dreams was the most darling thing to do with Abbie! She walked hand-in-hand with Daddy, and I pretty much tried to take a picture of every step they took!

Abbie got to pick {fake} crops along the trail. {“Just one, Abbie.”}


Also, adore.

Then Abbie weighed her crops and was paid for them, monopoly-style. A few steps later, she bought a bag of real food, again monopoly-style. It should be noted, that giving the money to the friendly lady was not a thing Abbie wanted to do : D

I would highly recommend the Field of Dreams to any family with young children!

On our way out we had to stop and see Smokey.

And nearby, we stumbled across these bottle trees – reminding us of someone dearly loved : )

I hope you get a chance to go this year!!


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