It seems a lot of time has passed by since I’ve been free enough to make some time for blogging…In honor of today, I’ve got 12 life updates to share!

1. Stephen got a new job! And so…

2. We’ve Moved! (Yes, that’s the main reason blogging has taken a back seat to life.)

3. We now live at the beach : )

4. Going from a town home to an apartment is Hard. Mostly square footage-wise. And I’m pretty convinced that all those square feet were taken from the kitchen…

5. The exception to the decrease in footage is Abbie’s room -which is now a good bit bigger than before.

6. With the move and all our belongings being slowly unpacked, we’ve been eating out for the past 2 weeks or so. (Fun at first…getting old at this point.) We’re just starting to make the transition to warm up at home, already prepared kind of dinners ; )

7. I have some yummy new restaurants to share! We’ve hardly eaten at any chain restaurants. Lot’s of local places : )

8. Moving at Christmas time is quite bittersweet. (a) every new place you visit is extra fun/pretty because it’s decorated for Christmas, but (b) Christmastime is a time of traditions and doing things the same year after year. We have done nothing the same this month of our lives!

9. With all this change, it is God’s gentle hand reminding me that He’s not changing. He’s the only thing remaining the same. And He always will. A solid rock to rest on in a sea of change.

10. Moving during my second trimester is a blessing from the Lord and one of the many details He worked together perfectly concerning this move: much less nausea than before and I’m not yet too big to fit between all the boxes here ; )

11. Seeing family this Christmas will be so much sweeter than ever before 😀

12. We get to house shop together for the first time now! Soooo much fun in store…


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