Vibrant Designs by Mimi

p 8-25-13 3 thm

This blog took a nap over the past half a year when baby boy came (: Some of my most favorite things we got in preparation for his arrival were those featured in this post. A sweet friend of mine, Mimi of Vibrant Designs by Mimi, made this set for my diaper bag. She is incredibly gifted and skilled with all things sewing and embroidery. You can check out her blog here and her etsy shop here. And I’ve got some exciting news – Mimi has offered a 15% off code to my town{homemade} readers! Just enter HAPPYFALL at checkout to receive 15% off your order. She’s a great resource for your next baby shower! She also has quite a few items that aren’t baby related {like jelewry and key fobs to name a few}.

Mimi has so many wonderful creations in her shop. On top of that, she is excellent at custom orders. I chose the fabric and made so many specific requests about this order – and it all came together just like I imagined.

p 8-25-13 6 thm

I love this zippered pouch! She first made me one as a surprise birthday gift last year. {Such a sweet girl.} When I began to decide what I wanted in this set, I knew a matching zippered pouch was a must. I don’t know how I had all those little things in my diaper bag organized before without it. Pretty much they weren’t 😉

p 8-25-13 4 thm

For this diaper pouch, I told Mimi the dimensions that I wanted it {those of a previous one I used} and she made it just as I asked. Velcro flap and all (:

p 8-25-13 5 thm

This burp cloth was a happy surprise gift, from Mimi, that came along with my order!

p 8-25-13 7 thm

And of course, there’s this fabulous nursing cover. I can’t even tell you all the sorts of complicated ways I tried to explain to her how I wanted it. Fabic A here, fabric B here, pocket as so, etc. She made it just as I asked!

I hope I’ve convinced you to head on over to Vibrant Designs by Mimi (: Take a look-see and go browse through her shop! And don’t forget you have the HAPPYFALL coupon code that you can use to receive 15% off your purchase!


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