{Review} Petunia Pickle Bottom: Sashay Satchel

p 8-26-13 1 thm

Meet my diaper bag (: It was a gift from my mom when baby girl came along, and I’m still using it with baby boy. These pictures were taken after about two and a half years of use – and that alone can speak to how well it holds up over time. This bag is one of petunia pickle bottom’s sashay satchels.  My pattern must have been retired, since it is no longer on their site. This one might be my favorite today, if I had to choose all over again (: But honestly, I like mine better than any of the new ones! Pink, and gray, and baby #1’s nursery colors (: kinda a perfect fit for me.

I’d recommend this bag to any new mom. It’s cute enough that you don’t mind carrying every day like a normal purse.

p 8-25-13 9 thm

And exciting feature – this purse can also be worn as a backpack! {Don’t worry, the straps are easily hidden when not in use.}

p 8-25-13 8 thm

Here’s a glance at the inside.

p 8-25-13 10 thm

That clip to hold your keys is a lifesaver. Mom’s typically don’t have lots of extra time to find their keys in the parking lot, so this has definitely served me well (:

p 8-25-13 11 thm

It comes with a case to hold your wipes and a changing pad.

p 8-26-13 2 thm

There are so many blah diaper bags out there…this brand is certainly the exception (:


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