WELCOME town{HOMEmade}!

Well, hello again! It has been a while since I’ve been back in these parts 😉 Good ol’ WordPress has sure changed a lot since I’ve been a regular here. And this blog got a facelift to start this new leg of my blogging journey off right. Here’s a trip down memory lane for you readers of yesteryear:

Townhomemade Site_7-18-15

That’s a look at town{homemade}’s old homepage. Thanks to not a little amount of work on my honey’s part {thanks!}, t{hm} has a whole new look!

I’ve got some spare seconds starting to return to my days after baby #3 joined us and two years worth of pictures to start catching the blog up on! So many new blog posts are spinning in my head and I’m excited to get back to blogging. Here’s a peek at the original townhome of town{homemade} that we moved out of a couple years ago…

15-7-15-townhome_cropped (1)

That townhome is the namesake of this blog and a precious memory to me now…so many firsts happened there for us.

Blogging here might look about the same as it did before – but with a couple of fun series added!


+ Lil’ Bitty Seeds will be published on Sundays, and I’ll share a verse or two from the Bible that have encouraged my soul recently. This following camp song is where the title of these posts comes from. We sing this song with the kids before bed every night.

the word of God is like little bitty seeds, scattered all around

the word of God is like little bitty seeds, scattered all around

some in the road

some in the weeds

but every where you look, you find little bitty seeds!


home{town}picks will be a new series published on Fridays that highlights a different item each week that I’ve found fabulous enough to share.


Inspiration posts will be shared when ever I stumble across something in everyday life that seems to say “I’d make a pretty blog post 😉 ”

Click the pictures or the title links to see the first of each posts!

And of course, normal posts about anything from reviews, to crafts, to party decor, to recipes will be shared when ever I get the inspiration and the time to share in the same day 😉

I’m super excited to get back into the rhythm of blogging and documenting different parts of our days as a family of 5! Add your email on the side {if on a desktop} or below {if on a phone} to follow along and be notified when I share new posts!


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