Kelly Moore: Posey 2 Review

p 8-24-13 1 thm2

This camera bag was a gift a couple of Christmases ago, from my mother-in-law {thanks!}. When I got my DSLR camera, I knew from the start that I wasn’t so in love with the thought of carrying around the clunky, shiny black bag that came with it. After reading about a million camera bag reviews, I knew this was the one (:

p 8-24-13 2 thm

Now, if you were a super serious, professional kind of photographer, then this batch of memory card pockets would be quite helpful. As I am not such a photographer, I max out at a mere 😉 700ish photos per upload and then clear my card, these pockets have remained empty. { And here where I say “I” upload and clear, I do mean my sweet husband (: }

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Above, you’ve got a picture of the incredibly thoughtful and necessary shoulder pad. It’s for sure the part of the bag that lets you know it’s not just a purse, but that there is something besides keys and a wallet being carried inside. And the zippered pocket above the memory card pockets is my go-to for battery storage.

c 8-24-13 1 thm

Here’s a look inside. The dividers are Velcro and can be situated any which way to accommodate your camera and lenses and/or normal purse insides that you may need. Diapers and wipes can totally fit in here…though not more than a couple.

p 8-25-13 1 thm

The shoulder strap can be removed and the purse carried by hand. The top, handle part also folds over.

p 8-25-13 2 thm

Here is a spotlight post on the Posey 2 on Kelly Moore’s own blog. It appears this bag is no longer available through the designer herself, but can still be found on Amazon!

Are you in the market for a camera bag? Already have a favorite? Comment below to share!


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